Easy Envelope Bookmarks

Since I’m on a roll with recycling envelopes, I thought I’d use some to create my favorite corner bookmarks. I love these, because they don’t slide out of a book accidentally like straight bookmarks do. They stay put, without sticking out of the book, so they’re perfect for books that are tucked into a purse or backpack. I like to slip a corner bookmark into the books I lend or giveaway—and making them from scraps and recycled envelopes means I’m not spending more than a few cents to spread a little love.

Place an envelope on your work table with the flap open, and measure about 3-4 inches down from a corner. Measure across from the corner the same distance, and draw a line between the two points to create a triangle.

Cut on the line, to create a triangular pocket that’s open on the longest side.

Decorate! Collage, stamp, doodle, draw, apply stickers—whatever you wish.

That’s it. You’re finished!

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