• Cardstock
  • Nail polish. Clean out all your old, drying up bottles.
  • Disposable tray or pan. Use foil, metal or plastic, but NOT foam.
  • Water.
  • Rubber gloves. The nail polish will stick to your hands and fingernails if you don’t glove up!
  • Nail polish remover
  • Plastic sheeting
  • A place to lay papers out to dry, away from kids and pets.
  • Paper towels

    Fill a disposable tray with water. Holding the bottle close to the surface of the water, pour nail polish slowly into try. It should float on the surface for a second, and then spread. Add dots of polish over the surface of the water until the color has spread evenly. Do not touch the surface of the water or attempt to stir. Blowing on the surface to spread the color is OK, though.

    Place a sheet of cardstock onto the surface of the water. (This piece was probably a little too big for my container, but I tossed it on there anyway. If I wanted color from edge to edge, either a larger container or trimming down the paper before I placed it on the water would have been in order.) Wearing rubber gloves, lift the paper off the water by the corners.

    Place paper onto plastic sheeting and allow to dry completely.

    Water can be reused as long as there’s color floating on the surface. If it looks a little sparse, add more nail polish. The surface of the water can be cleaned off by dragging paper towels across to remove any remaining nail polish. This will allow you to change colors without having to dump your water and refill. However, be sure to work lightest color to darkest if you plan on doing this, just in case there’s any polish left behind. Dispose of your water in a safe place. Do not dump it down the drain of your sink! Little spots of nail polish will get all over the place if you do this (trust me, I learned the hard way). Clean up any spots you leave behind with nail polish remover.