While emailing back and forth with my friend Anna in Alaska, I mentioned that today’s art project was a set of torso tags. She sent me back an email with a rather colorful subject line that inquired what torso tags are. Here’s my answer:

I simply printed out my tag patterns directly on cardstock, cut them out, and decorated them with all the leftover pieces of papers from this weekend’s other projects. Add a few fibers, the occasional rubber stamp, and whatever little extras are around, and the result is some lovely tags that are quick and easy to make. Try them!

To make these tags, you’ll need the patterns, which are available in various sizes in both male and female versions. (Thanks to those who requested the male version after I posted the female ones—good idea!)

Female Tags #1
Female Tags #2
Female Tags #3

Male Tags #1
Male Tags #2

Bonus: here are some printable torso tag sheets I’ve done for previous holiday countdowns.