171aPeople are always asking me how I get so much work done each week. One way is relying on shortcuts—little things I do to make a process go faster.

Here’s the quick, simple way to cut the perfect five-pointed star in any size—well, any size I need that isn’t accomodated by one of my handy paper punches:

Choose a piece of paper. Pretty much any paper, although the smaller the star, the lighter the paper weight should be, just for ease of folding. Fold the paper in half.

Fold it in half again, in the same direction.

Unfold that second fold you just made, to reveal a nice crease down the middle of your paper.

Grab a corner on the folded edge, and fold it down to the crease. This creates a little triangle to the left.

Fold that little triangle up, along the long fold line.

Fold the triangle up again, to the long edge.

Cut diagonally from edge to edge to create the points of the star. The deeper the angle of this cut, the more pointy the star will be.


Perfect stars, every time!