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Easy Holiday Postcards


A video how-to on making some odd holiday postcards.

Postcard Basics

My usual postcard layout.

Want to make some postcards? Learn the guidelines for making them to mail for a reduced rate.

How To Create a Simple Mixed-Media Ba...


How to create a simple, flexible background.

A Crash Course On Altered Books


Everything you need to know about altered books, all in one place.

What is an Art Journal?

A set of pages from my 15 x 20 inch art journal.

Here’s a quick rundown of the what and why of art journals.

Theme Ideas


A big, long list of over 400 themes for altered artwork.

How To Make Rusted Paper


Step-by-step instructions on making rusted papers, and applying them to a book.

How Discovering Gluebooks Changed My ...


Ten years after my first article on Gluebooks, here’s my take on how the changed my art, my work, and my life.

How To Make Doodled Glass Bottles


Recycle your glass bottles into colorful, whimsical art pieces! These simple step-by-step instructions will show you how.

Faux Marbled Glass Bottles


Recycle glass bottles from your kitchen, using a little craft paint.

How To Make a Hidden Niche in an Alte...


Learn the simplest way to cut a niche in an altered book, and hide it behind folded flaps.

How To Make Walnut Ink


Walnut ink crystals can be so expensive! Here’s how to make your own, from black walnut husks.

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